Did You Notice These Mistakes Of The Film 'Pushpa'?

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Let Us Count You 5 Big Mistakes Of Allu Arjun's Superhit Film Pushpa...

Keshav Is Unable To Open The Van Door First And Then In The Very Next Scene Drives A New Maruti Van, Now Just Imagine How A Person Who Does Not Know How To Open The Van Door Can Come Driving The Van. 

Pushpa, Escaping From The Police, Blows Up The Truck And Drops It In A Ditch. The Pit In Which Pushpa Throws The Truck Is On The Side Of The Road, So Did The Police Not See Such A Big Pothole.

When Pushpa Kills Srinu's Brother-in-law Moglis In The Water, He Also Rides A Motorcycle In The Water While Big Stones Are Present In The River.

Pushpa's Biggest Blunder Is In The Scene Where Pushpa Throws Red Sandalwood Sticks Into The Water.

Red Sandalwood Is Such A Wood Whose Small Piece Gets Immersed In Water. But It Is Shown In The Film That Logs Of Logs Are Going On Floating In The River. 

In One Of The Scenes, Pushpa Is Shown Walking On The Bonnet Of A Truck. The Truck Is Moving In The Scene, But When There Is No Driver Inside The Truck, How Is The Truck Moving Brother...