Apple Becomes The First Company To Be Worth $3 Trillion

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

iPhone Maker Apple Has Created A New History. On Monday, It Became The First Company With A Market Capitalization Of $3 Trillion. 

History Made on Monday

Apple Has Quickly Touched This Magical Figure With A Jump In Shares. $3 Trillion Is The Highest Ever Value Of A Company.

Sharply Touched Magic Figure

The Company Has Added $700 Billion In Market Capitalization Since October. Despite Corona, Its Shares Have Increased Continuously.

Huge Jumps in Stocks

Apple's Stock Price Rose Three Percent To $182.88 On Monday Afternoon, Making The Company The Most Valuable. 

Made A New Record Like This

It Is Worth Noting That Apple, The Company That Made The First Choice Of The People's Iphone, Was Established In The Year 1976. 

The Company Touched The One Trillion Dollar Mark In 2018. It Took Him A Long Time Of 42 Years To Achieve This Feat.

Value 1 Trillion In 2018

Within Two Years, Its Market Value Reached $2 Trillion, While It Took Only 16 Months And 15 Days To Reach $3 Trillion.

The Company Took A Long Leap

Apple's Market Valuation Now Exceeds Walmart, Disney, Netflix, Nike, Coca-Cola And Ford

Beat Giants

The GDP Of the UK Is 2.83 Trillion, And That Of India Is $2.72 Trillion. That Is, Apple Has A Bigger Economy Than Them In Terms Of Market Cap.

Value More Than India's GDP

The Nominal GDP Of America Is $20.49 Trillion. China (13.4 Trillion), Japan (4.97 Trillion) And Germany (4.00 Trillion). 

These Four Countries Ahead Of Apple

Apple Creates History Becomes The First Company With A Market Value Of 3 Trillion Dollar.