Know About Onecoin CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova Crypto Biggest Scam

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Nowadays, Many People Have Started Investing In Crypto Currencies. 

However, Significant Frauds Have Also Taken Place In The Name Of Cryptocurrency. 

According To The BBC Report, The Biggest Scam In The Name Of Crypto Was Done By Ruja Ignatova. 

Ruja Launched His Cryptocurrency OneCoin In 2014, Millions Of People Invested. 

Ruja Had Convinced People That OneCoin Is Going To Go Beyond Bitcoin. 

To Take People Into Confidence, Ruja Did Strong Marketing. She Used To Do Seminars Regularly. 

Ruja Also Advertised In Many Reputed Magazines, Making People Believe In Her. 

Coming To Ruja's Talk, People Of Many Countries Started Investing Heavily In OneCoin. 

Onecoin's Smallest Package Was 140 Euros And The Largest One Lakh 18 Thousand Euros. 

Ruza Also Promised People To Open Exchanges Where They Could Convert OneCoin Into Dollars Or Euros.

By The Time The Cryptocurrency Supporters Could Ask For Answers To Their Questions From Ruja, She Had Absconded. 

Before Absconding, Rooja Had Executed A Fraud Of Rs 30,000 Crore. 

It Was Later Discovered That OneCoin Was Not Based On The Blockchain Technology Required For Cryptocurrency. 

Ruja Ignatova Crypto Fraud: Big Frauds Have Also Taken Place In The Name Of Cryptocurrency.