How To Check If Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked?

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Cases Related To Cyber Security Are Seen Every Day In The Digital World. 

In Such A Situation, The Risk Of Gmail Account Hacking Also Remains.

You Can Check Whether Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked Or Not By Following Some Easy Steps. 

With The Help Of The Google Password Checkup Add-on Feature, You Can Check Your Gmail Account. 

First, You Have To Download Free Password Checkup Software On The Google Chrome Browser. 

Once Installed, The Chrome Extension Will Check Your Login Credentials. 

If Your Username Or Password Matches With Any Of The 40 Million Passwords In Google's Database That Have Been Leaked, The Software Will Alert You.

After This A Message Will Appear On Your Screen, In Which You Will Be Informed About The Password Checkup Of The Respective Website.

With The Help Of This Feature, You Can Check Any Password Saved On The Browser. You, Will, Get Information About The Data Leak.

If Your Account Has Been Hacked, Then First, You Have To Change Your Account Password. 

Not Only Gmail, But You Should Also Change The Password Of All The Services That Have Been Affected By The Leak. 

You Can Check Whether Your Gmail Account Is Hacked Or Not By Following Some Easy Steps.