LPG Gas Cylinder Becomes Expensive Know The New Rate

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Oil Companies Have Increased The Price Of Domestic Gas (14.2 Kg) Cylinders By Rs 50. Now The Price Of A Domestic Cylinder Will Is Rs 999.50 Per Cylinder.

Earlier In March 2022, The Price Of A Domestic Cylinder Was Increased By Rs 50. 

On The 1st Of This Month, The Oil Companies Increased The Price Of LPG Gas By Rs 102.50. 

These Prices Were Raised On The 19 Kg Commercial Cylinder. 

After The Increase In The Price, The New Price Of This Blue Cylinder Is Now Rs 2355.50 In Delhi. Earlier, Its Price Was Rs 2253.

At The Same Time, The Price Of A 5 Kg LPG Cylinder Is Rs 655. 

A Month Ago, On April 1, The Costs Of LPG Cylinders Were Increased By Rs 250. Earlier, 

On March 1, The Price Of A 19 Kg Commercial Gas Cylinder Was Increased By Rs 105, While On March 22, It Was Increased By Rs 9.

The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel, The Cost Of Cooking Gas And The Prices Of Essential Goods Continuously Increase The Burden On The People's Pockets. 

Your Loans Will Become Expensive Because Rbi Has Increased The Repo Rate Amid Rising Inflation. 

The Argument Is That The Increase Has Been Done To Control Inflation.

Now The Question Is, Will Inflation Stop With Expensive Loans? Fuel Prices Have Increased Sharply In The Last Few Days.