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By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Bathua Saag Is Easily Available In The Winter Season. People All Over The Country Consume It.

Winter Season

The Amount Of Vitamins And Minerals In Bathua Is More Than That Of Amla. It Is Rich In Iron, Phosphorus And Vitamins A And D.


Bathua Greens Are Full Of Many Healthy Properties, But Consuming It In Excess Can Harm Health.

Bathua Saag

Today We Will Tell About The Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Bathua Greens.

Disadvantages Of Bathua Saag

Bathua Contains Oxyzalic Acid. In Such A Situation, Consuming More Of It Can Cause Problems Like Abdominal Pain, Constipation, Diarrhea.


According To Experts, Pregnant Women Should Not Eat Bathua Greens In Large Quantities. Its Consumption Increases The Risk Of Miscarriage.

Risk Of Miscarriage

Anti-Fertility Properties Are Found In Bathua Saag. In Such A Situation, Excessive Consumption Of It Can Have A Bad Effect On Fertility. 

Effect On Fertility

Oxalic Acid Found In Bathua Greens Can Reduce The Amount Of Calcium In The Body.

Calcium Deficiency

If You Have Sensitive Skin, Then Eating Bathua Greens Can Cause Allergic Problems.


This News Is Based On General Information. For Any Kind Of Specific Information, Take Proper Advice From The Specialist.


Bathua Leaves Are Full Of Many Healthy Properties But Consuming It In Excess Can Harm Health.