Users Will Get Rich With This Feature Of Twitter? 

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Micro-Blogging Site Twitter Added Crypto Wallet Support In September Last Year. 

Now Twitter Is Releasing NFT Avatar For Its Users, Through Which Money Can Be Earned.

This Feature Is Currently Being Released Only For Twitter Blue Subscription. 

Let Us Tell You That The Company Gives Many Extra Features To The Users Taking Twitter Blue Subscription. 

To Differentiate The NFT Avatar From The General Photo, Twitter Will Be Able To Set The NFT Avatar On The Profile Head, Showing A Hexagonal Frame In It. 

Currently, NFT Profile Pictures Is Being Released For iOS. 

You Can Associate The Twitter Account With The Public Crypto Wallet Address Of The Connected Wallet.

This Means That Your Twitter Account Will Be Associated With All NFTs In The Wallet In Addition To Your Current And Past Crypto Wallet Transactions And Holdings. 

With NFT, Users Can Buy Or Sell Unique Digital Items And Trace Them With The Help Of Blockchain.

NFT Honor Just Has To Keep In Mind That Click On The Official Link Of Twitter Only.