Unique Wedding: Na Band Baaja Na Barati, In Just 10 Minutes, Each Couple's Lover-Girlfriend Took Seven Rounds.

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Unique Wedding: "Lovers Are Never Afraid, Those Who Fear Don't Love..." Both The Lovers Got Married In A Temple In Bhagalpur. 

There Was Neither A Band Baja Nor A Barati In This Unique Marriage. In Just 10 Minutes, The Groom Took Seven Rounds With The Bride And Became Each Other.

It Is Said, "Whenever The World Will Keep A Watch On Those Who Love Two, Love Will Increase..."

Yes! Along The Same Lines, Chhotu Kumar, Son Of Bhuvneshwar Chauhan Of Badi Khojri Village Of Banka.

Seema, Daughter Of Nakul Paswan, A Resident Of Ramchua Village Shambhuganj Block Of Banka, Fled And Got Married In A Shiva Temple Located In The Kachari Compound Of The City.

The Witnesses Of The Marriage Of Both The Lovers Became Passersby On The Way. People Also Captured Pictures Of Unique Weddings On Their Mobiles.

After This Marriage, Which Took Place Within 10 Minutes, The Bride And Groom Made Each Other Sweet By Feeding Them Sweets. 

The Wedding Took Place At The Will Of The Girl. She Said That she Was Pleased With This Marriage.

Regarding Marriage, Lover Chhotu Kumar Says, "We Were In Love For A Year. The Girl's Family Members Tried To Get Her Married At Another Place. 

This Decision Was Not Acceptable To Both Of Us. Today Both Of Us Ran Away From The House And Came Here And Got Married." It Is Known That The Boy Does Not Do Any Work Yet.

The Lover Says That If The Family Members Do Not Recognise The Marriage, He Will Stay Here And Do Some Business And Settle His House Here. 

At The Same Time, The Girl Is Also Happy With This Marriage. In This Unique Marriage, People Used To Walk On The Road. 

At The Same Time, The Lover Has Promised To Live And Die Together By Filling The Vermilion In The Girlfriend's Demand.