Taliban Became Enemy! Yasmeena Ali Adult Actress Wears Hijab In Adult Movies.

By: Ashish Kumar Mishra 

Yasmeena Ali Is An Adult Actress Who Is Called 'The Only Porn Star Of Afghanistan'. 

She Moved To England After The Taliban Took Over Afghanistan In The 90s. 

Yasmeena Ali, Who Came To England At The Age Of 9, Has Worked In Porn Films Since 2016.

Yasmeena Ali No Longer Follows Islam But Wears A Hijab While Shooting Porn Movies. 

28-year-old Yasmeena Has Revealed Many Secrets In A Conversation With The English Website Daily Star. 

According To Yasmeena, The Family Wanted To Get Her Married, But She Left The House. 

Yasmeena Said That She Does Not Find Anything Wrong In Wearing A Hijab In Porn Movies. 

Yasmeena Had To Face Criticism For Wearing A Hijab In Porn Films. 

According To Yasmeena, Afghan Men Hate Her Very Much And Send Her Lewd Messages. 

The Adult Actress Said That The People Of The Taliban Have Been Threatening To Kill Her. 

Yasmeena Ali Claims She Is Getting Threats, But She Is A Fighter; She Has No Fear. 

Yasmeena Ali Adult Actress Wears Hijab In Adult Movies. Taliban Fighters Sent Her Death Threats.