WhatsApp Last Seen Not Visible To Users, But Now Fixed

Whatsapp Group Chat

Did you have any problem running WhatsApp on Friday night ..? There was some problem with WhatsApp on Friday night. The users could not even see the last scene of their friends and online states. Because of this, users faced a lot of problems and started tweeting about their issues by tweeting.

Down Detector is an app monitoring service. According to this, around 67 users faced problems while using WhatsApp on their Android and iPhone mobiles and gave information about the technical issue on Friday night. Apart from this, 26 per cent of users were having problems in connection. According to the report, the problem started in WhatsApp at around 9 pm and lasted till 2 pm.

Technical Problem

The users said through tweets and other social media platforms, according to which there was some problem in the privacy settings of WhatsApp. Nobody’s last scene was set to Nobody, due to which no one’s final stage is visible. When users were trying to change their privacy settings to someone, they received a notification on the screen, ‘Failed to update privacy settings, Please try again later.’ The writing was coming.

Down Detector informed through its map that WhatsApp’s technical problem was faced by WhatsApp users from India, UK, US, Europe, Singapore and some other countries in Asia. After which users of these countries started filing complaints. However, now there is no technical problem of any kind in WhatsApp.

A New Feature of WhatsApp

Every day the company is adding new settings and new features. Now eight people can also make video calls simultaneously in WhatsApp. The cause of the coronavirus has currently declared a lockdown in the whole world. All the people are in their respective homes and doing office work from home. In such a situation, they also need to have a meeting, and for that, a lot of people can join together in a video call. Because of this, they added the feature of adding eight people to a video or audio call in its app.