Will Their Be Again Lockdown After June 15 Know What Is The Truth

Lockdown Extended In India Latest News

Could the lockdown in the country due to the Coronavirus increase once again. A declaration is being made on social media these days. For the past few days, a message is going viral that from June 15, the country will lock up again. Now what is the truth of this virus message, we are going to tell you. Is the lockdown going to happen once again in the wartime country? Let’s know.

What Is The Truth Of Viral Messages on Lockdown

Let us know that the claim made on social media about the lockdown is wrong. The fact check unit of the Press Information Bureau has called this message fake. PIB has also tweeted about this.

What Has PIB Said

PIB said, “In a photo spread on social media, it claimed that the complete lockdown could be applied in the country again from June 15 with the prohibit on train and air travel by the Home Ministry.” It is fake Beware of such misleading photos spreading fake news.”

Explain that the Central Government recently implemented Plan Unlock India to relax the lockdown restrictions in a phased manner gradually. Right now, the corona contagion is increasing in the country. Many people are in the grip of this terrible epidemic. According to the latest data of the Health Ministry on Thursday morning, 2 lakh 86 thousand 579 people have been infected with Corona so far. Of this, 8102 have passed away, while 1,41,000 people have also been heal.

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