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Hong Kong Suspends Flights Connecting India

Hong Kong Prohibits Flights To and from India Until 3 May

Given the increasing outbreak of Corona in India, Hong Kong has banned all flights to India till May 3. Sources in the Civil Aviation Ministry said that Hong Kong had suspended air traffic with Pakistan. And the Philippines for the same period. The Hong Kong government decided when 50 passengers arriving in Hong Kong on […]
Coronavirus Spreding through Air Lancet Study

Coronavirus Spreading Through The Air? Lancet Said

The entire world is reeling from the havoc of the Coronavirus. Till now, millions of people have lost their lives due to this disease,...
Prince Philip Funeral

30 Guests To Attend Prince Philip Funeral; Names Revealed

Prince Philip Funeral: Due to Coronavirus restrictions in Britain, only 30 guests will attend Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday. Prince Philip Funeral According to Announcement details...
New Zealand Travel Ban for Indians

New Zealand Travel Ban for Indians Due To COVID Cases

New Zealand Travel Ban for Indians: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Has Banned Entry Into The Country For All Passengers, Including Their Own...
Pushpika De Silva Mrs Sri Lanka News

Mrs Sri Lanka Forcibly Removed Mrs Sri Lanka’s Crown, Head Injury Too

Pushpika De Silva: An unfortunate and embarrassing incident occurred on stage during the Sri Lankan competition in Sri Lanka. After the crowning of Mrs...
Rebecca Pregnancy News

Rebecca Pregnancy: Gave Birth To Twins On The Same Day, Rare Case

Rebecca Pregnancy: It is difficult to believe this, but a pregnant woman for three weeks indeed became pregnant again, and she gave birth to...
Neapl Schools Closed Due to High Pollution

Pollution Forces Nepal Schools Shut Till Friday, Know These Causes

Pollution in Nepal: The second wave of corona continues around the world. In India, how are an average of 50 thousand coming out every...
Pharma Firm Guilty Fined 32 Million US Dollars News

Pharma Firm Guilty Fined 32 Million Dollars for the death of 2000 people

Pharma Firm Guilty: The French drugmaker has been convicted by the court of 'fraud' and 'causing death'. It is alleged that Sarvier manufactured a...
Huge Cargo Ship Re-Floated in Suez Canal

Huge Cargo Ship Re-Floated After Six Days in Suez Canal

The vast cargo ship stuck in Egypt's Suez Canal for the last six days has finally started today. This cargo ship is considered to...
Earthquake in Nepal Today

7.2 Magnitude EarthQuake Hits Near Tokyo In Japan

A major earthquake has been felt near Tokyo in Japan. The intensity of the quake has been measured at 7.2 on the Richter scale....