More Than 1 Lakh Coronavirus Cases In New York, Sino-UK Left Behind

Coronavirus has taken a formidable form in America. The situation is that more cases of coronavirus have reported in New York City than China and Britain alone. On Sunday, the number of coronavirus cases in New York City has crossed 1 lakh, which is the highest. If we talk about the whole of America, then more than 5 lakh people have been caught in the virus here.

Coronavirus Cases In New York

According to the data released by the New York City Department. On Sunday, new positive cases of 5695 coronaviruses were reported in the city. With this, more than 1 lakh 4 thousand lawsuits have been reported in the city so far, while 6898 people have died.

According to John Hopkins University, the number of cases of coronavirus has reached 83 thousand in China and 85 thousand in Britain. That is, the figures in one city have reached more than two countries.

If we talk about New York State, then about one lakh 89 thousand cases have been filed. And more than nine thousand deaths have done here. The mayor of New York said in a statement that we did not expect that the coronavirus epidemic would bring so much havoc to us, the city has not seen it in the last several decades.

Let me tell you that if you talk about America, more than five and a half lakh cases have reported so far. While more than 22 thousand people have lost their lives.

The number of deaths in America is continuously increasing. And more than 1 thousand people are falling prey to this virus every day for the last few days. So far, the coronavirus test of about 30 lakh people has done.

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