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165 Year Old Postage Stamp Can Be Sold For $15 Million

165 Year Old Postage Stamp: If you look at this stamp for the first time, then it will not look so unique because it looks like an old scrap of paper, but in reality, it is one of the most valuable items in terms of its size, weight and material.  For this reason, it is being speculated that when it is auctioned in New York in June, it can be priced between $10 million to $15 million.

165 Year Old Postage Stamp

The stamp of this paper is known as British Guiana One St. Magenta, which was built in the year 1856 and is the most famous and valuable stamp in the world. At the same time, philosopher expert David Beek said that ‘this is such a stamp, which every philosopher and collector must have seen’. At the same time, Bik told that the curator of philosophical collections of the British Library had earlier said that its fame had been increased by those who had this stamp. Currently, this stamp is kept in Sotheby’s before its exhibition in New York. A crowd of people will gather here to see it this week.

Newspapers to find the stamps.

According to the information, these stamps were mainly used to distribute newspapers and later, most of the symbols were thrown away. Only one stamp was left, which will now be exhibited.

New York in the stamp of auction

The current owner of this stamp is American shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, while the previous owners have made minor marks behind this stamp. At the same time, according to the philosopher Bik, this stamp shows a sacred grave. Now it will be auctioned once again on 8 June in New York.

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