America On Wednesday Recorded 1738 Deaths From Coronavirus

CoronaVirus Panic In Pakistan

In the US, 1,738 deaths due to the coronavirus have recorded in the last 24 hours on Wednesday. However, compared to the previous day, this figure has improved slightly, and the number of deaths has seen a decline. Johns Hopkins University has provided this information.

Coronavirus in America

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in America, 46,583 people have died so far. In the case of death, due to the Coronavirus in any country, America has topped the name.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has called the Coronavirus an attack on America. He said in a statement, “We have attacked. These are not a case of simple flu. No one has seen this till now, the last time it happened in 1917. Given the Corona epidemic in America, the Trump administration has announced a package of billions of dollars so far. On the question asked by reporters about this, Trump said about the attack.

President Trump said in a press briefing, “I have no other choice.” I keep an eye on every event. We have to fix this problem (Coronavirus). We are the largest economy in the world, more significant than China or a bigger economy than any country in the world. Trump Said We have made it in the last three years. And now they will come and say that you have to stop it. We are going to reopen it and will move even more firmly than before, but you people (public) will have to spend money to get it back on track. ”

On the other hand, a day ago, a top US health officer issued a warning that by the end of this year, America would again expose to the novel Coronavirus. The official has said that the situation can be seen later than what is present.

So far, more than 46 thousand people have died in America while more than eight and a quarter lakh people are infected. According to Robert Redfield, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu epidemic and coronavirus epidemic can spread later in the US. These two diseases can knock together. Redfield said this to the Washington Post. (Agency)