2,700 Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan, Big Economic Package Announced

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan crossed 2,700 on Saturday. Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Saturday, announced a large-scale package for the construction sector to bring the economy back on track. At the same time, the World Bank has also assisted Pakistan with $200 million. Addressing the media in Islamabad, he said, “We have decided that during this year those investing in the construction sector will not be asked about the source of their income.”

Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan

He announced a fixed tax regime based on the construction sector. And offered a 90 percent tax cut for investment in his new Pakistan housing project. The project aims to build homes for the poor. Khan announced the withdrawal of arrears on many areas of construction, except cement and steel. He also waived capital gains tax on the sale of housing units by the people. He said that his government would give industry status to the construction sector. Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan.

He said we would start the construction sector from April 14. And will also see how we can begin to other industries. Khan also said that they gave Rs 12 thousand per month to help the most vulnerable families. He said that 1.2 crore families would get this help in the initial phase. He also said that four lakh volunteers have so far registered to join the Corona Relief Tiger Force to help identify the poor and provide food to them.

Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Crossed 2,600 On Friday. Imran Khan Announced A Large-Scale Package. The World Bank Has Assisted Pakistan with $200 million

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