4.7 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal, No Loss Of Life and Property

Earthquake in Nepal Today

At a time when the world is facing a deadly epidemic like Corona. Frequent earthquakes have also spread panic among the people. Today, on Thursday, there was a 4.7 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, due to which the dreaded people came out of their homes. According to the news agency PTI, earthquake tremors felt in Nepal’s Sindhupalak Chowk district. However, no loss of life or property has reported from this earthquake.

It is worth mentioning that on April 25, 2015, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, in which about nine thousand people died, and 10 lakh houses were damaged. According to the BBC report, around 2.8 million people displaced by the earthquake. People still simmer after remembering that incident.

This earthquake caused massive destruction in Nepal. According to the news agency AFP, in the central American country of Honduras, the quake was felt on Thursday. According to the US Geological Survey, a shock of 6.3 magnitudes was felt in Honduras around 2 am. However, no damage has reported in this earthquake.

Earthquake in Nepal

Studies show that the Himalayan belt is more vulnerable to earthquakes. Studies show that large-scale earthquakes occur in India in the range going from Hindukush to Arunachal Pradesh. According to scientists, earthquakes caused by fault-line pressure. Local and low-intensity earthquakes do not require fault line pressure. Small shocks can also felt due to minor adjustments under the ground. More recently, the tremors were felt in Delhi too.

A tremor of 4.7 magnitudes felt in eastern Nepal. The National Geological Center of the country gave this information on Thursday. According to reports, the earthquake occurred in Sindhupalchok district, located 120 km east of Kathmandu, late at 12.55 am.

During this time, many people came out of their house. The tremors also felt in the Kathmandu Valley. There is no news of the loss of life or property.

Significantly, the most powerful earthquake in Nepal was in April 2015. In which about 9,000 people lost their lives.

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