45K Deaths Worldwide Due To Coronavirus, Highest Death In America

Coronavirus Death Toll

Coronavirus, which started spreading in December from Wuhan city of China. It has so far killed 45,719 people worldwide, and it does not seem that there will be any reduction in this number recently. In fact, since the onset of the epidemic, over nine lakh five thousand 580 cases of infection have occurred in 187 countries and regions. Worldwide, there were 4,708 new deaths and 77,241 new evidence on Tuesday alone.

Coronavirus Death WorldWide

Among the countries that recorded the highest number of deaths in 24 hours. America had 1,036 deaths, Spain 864 deaths, and Italy 727 deaths. The first deaths due to Coronavirus reported in Italy at the end of February. And since then, 13,155 people have died there, while one lakh 10,574 cases have been reported. After Italy, the most affected country is Spain, 9,053 people have been killed. And one lakh of two thousand 136 cases have reported.

At the same time, the number of Coronavirus dead in the United States has increased to 4,476. While the number of infected patients has increased to 203,608. At the same time, there have been 4,032 deaths and 56,989 cases in France. While in China, there were only 3,312 deaths due to this virus and 81,554 cases.

Let us tell you that Congo, Oman, Slovakia, Botswana, Senegal, and El Salvador have declared the first deaths related to the virus in their respective countries on Tuesday. The worst situation is in Europe. Where so far, four lakh 90 thousand 484 Coronavirus cases have reported, and 33,245 people have died. Four thousand five hundred eighty-seven deaths and 213,134 cases in the United States.

Canada, 3,942 deaths and one lakh 10 thousand 570 cases in Asia, 3,160 deaths. And 59 thousand 541 cases in the Middle East, 538 Coronavirus deaths and 20,083 cases in Latin America. The Caribbean, 223 deaths in Africa. And 6,198 cases have been reported, and there have been 24 deaths in Oceania, while 5,579 cases have reported.