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World First Transplant: David Bennett Gets Genetically Modified Pig Heart


David Bennett Heart Transplant: American doctors transplant a human heart for the first time pigs (Heart Transplant) is done. This is the first such case in the world. David Bennett, 57, suffering from heart failure, received a pig’s heart during a 9-hour surgery. The surgery was done at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

After the transplant, keeping the patient under the supervision of doctors, efforts are being made to know whether his body will be able to accept this new heart or not. Experts say nothing can be said about how successful the new heart implanted in the patient will be.

How was the pig’s heart transplanted into humans, how difficult was the transplant, and how was the patient’s new heart condition after the transplant? Know the answers to these questions…


David Bennett Pig Heart Transplant

The pig was chosen first. In this, six types of human genes were injected into the body so that the human body could accept them.

After this, some such genes were also injected into the pig, which prevents the size of its heart from increasing so that it remains permanent after reaching the human body.

During the 9-hour surgery, the patient’s damaged heart was removed, and Suzor’s genetically modified heart was transplanted.


The Patient’s New Heart is Connected to the Pump Machine

According to the report of DailyMail, experts say David’s heart is connected to a machine that helps pump blood. Soon it will be known whether the patient’s body can accept Suzar’s heart or not. So the next few weeks are essential for the patient.

Experts say this transplant was complex because it is not easy to transplant an animal’s heart into a human. This is a kind of experiment. It will prove a significant discovery for the medical world if it is successful.

An Increasing Number of Patients Who have Undergone Organ Transplant

Bennett is a labourer by profession. Before the surgery, Bennett had said, “My condition is severe. The situation is that either I should leave the world or get a transplant done. I know I have no choice, and I want to live.


The number of organ transplant people in the US and UK increases rapidly. Scientists are trying to find a solution to this problem. That’s why now they are doing new experiments to transplant animal parts into humans.

According to the report of DailyMail, about 1.20 lakh Americans are currently in need of healthy organs for transplant. Every day 20 patients are dying while waiting for an organ transplant.

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) report, 3800 heart transplants were performed in the US last year, which is a record.

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