Coronavirus Lockdown Required In India, 59,000 Lives Saved In Europe

Coronavirus Lockdown India

Coronavirus starting from Wuhan, China, is causing havoc in Europe. There, Italy, Spain, France, and Britain are the victims of coronavirus infection the most. On the other hand, UK experts believe that despite the death of Corona, due to the great lockdown, about 59,000 people in Europe could be saved. If the lockdown had not happened in time, the death toll would have been more significant.

Coronavirus Lockdown

After wreaking havoc in China, the coronavirus has engulfed Europe. The highest death in Europe is in Italy. More than 12,000 people have died in Italy from Corona so far. Meanwhile, experts in Britain believe that due to the implementation of lockdown in Europe, more than 50 thousand people have saved.

Coronavirus Continues In 11 Countries Of Europe

Eleven countries in Europe are suffering from corona infection. News agency PTI quoted AFP as saying that researchers at Imperial College London found that the number of deaths from Coronavirus due to lockdown in affected countries could reduce.

How Many Deaths Have Occurred So Far

These researchers compared the deaths in Italy and Spain with the most corona-affected deaths and if school-colleges not closed on time. Let me tell you that 12,428 people have died in Italy from Coronavirus so far. Apart from Italy, 8,464 people have been killed in Spain, 3,523 in France and 1,789 in Britain.

According to a report released on Monday, “An estimated 59,000 lives could be saved up to 31 March by timely lockdown-like actions in 11 countries in Europe.” If such action not done on time, the death toll could have been more significant. “According to this report, most lives have been saved in Italy from Coronavirus.

Lockdown Saved Many Lives In These Countries

  1. Italy – 38,000
  2. Spain – 16,000
  3. France – 2,500
  4. Belgium – 560
  5. Germany – 550
  6. Britain- 370
  7. Switzerland- 340
  8. Austria – 140
  9. Sweden – 82
  10. Denmark – 69