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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits Southern Pakistan, At Least 20 Killed


Islamabad: Pakistan has been shaken by the tremors of the earthquake. Strong earthquake tremors were felt in southern Pakistan early on Thursday, killing at least 20 people. This earthquake occurred at around 3:30 am today, 14 km northeast of Harnai, Pakistan. Its intensity has been measured at 6.0.

AFP quoted disaster management officials saying, “At least 20 people died in the earthquake in southern Pakistan.” According to the National Center for Seismology, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 struck 14 km NNE of Harnai, Pakistan, at 3:30 am.

How to keep yourself safe during an earthquake

If you are inside a building, sit on the floor and go under some sturdy furniture. If there is no table or such furniture, then cover your face and head with your hands and sit by hiding in any corner of the room. If you are outside the building, move away from the building, trees, poles and wires.

  1. If you are travelling in a vehicle, stop the car as soon as possible and stay inside the car.
  2. If you are buried in a pile of rubble, never light a match, do not move or push anything.
  3. If buried under debris, pat lightly on a pipe or wall so rescuers can understand your position. If you have a whistle, play it.
  4. Make noise only when there is no choice. Making noise can add suffocating dust and dust to your breath.
  5. Always keep a disaster relief kit ready in your home.
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