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Bushra Bibi News

Imran MP Said- Our Prime Minister Walks At The Behest Of Wife Bushra

Female MP Ujma Kardar of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), the party of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, became a cause for trouble for her. An audio clip of Uzma from two days is viral on social media. In this, Uzma is accusing Imran’s third and current wife Bushra of any charges. Uzma says- Bushra has drawn […]
Asteroid On 29 April

What Will Happen On April 29, 2020? NASA Gave This Update Of Asteroid

April 29, 2020, The news of an Asteroid Asteroid hitting the Earth on April 29 is seen, heard, read a lot these days. Videos...
Taiwan Times Wrote Ram Killed The Dragon

Taiwan Times Wrote On Photo Of The Day- Ram Killed The Dragon

Taiwan Times Photo Of The Day: The violent clash between soldiers of China and India in the Galvan Valley on Monday night made headlines...
June 21 2020 End Of Earth Truth

Life On Earth Is Going To End On June 21, 2020, Claimed on Social...

On June 21, the Earth is going to destroy on social media. Once again, listen to all those who have read and heard many...
Winnie The Pooh to Taunt Xi Jinping

Indians Are Using Winnie The Pooh to Taunt Xi Jinping Amid The Violence

Winnie The Pooh: The escalation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and the Chinese Army (PLA) escalated into violent clashes. In...
Countries Infected With Coronavirus

List Of Countries Infected With Coronavirus In The World

Corona (COVID-19) in China is not taking the name of havoc. So far, 3,251,587 people have been infected in China by Corona, while the...
Sabiha Khanum Death

First Pakistani Cinema Actress Sabiha Khanum Died At The Age of 84

The first Pakistani cinema actress Sabiha Khanum passed away. She was 84 years old. Sabiha's family has confirmed that it is unfortunate, Sabiha Khanam...
CoronaVirus China Girl Eating Bat

The Girl Spread Coronavirus In The World By Eating Bats?

The coronavirus has now reached India. Two suspected cases have been reported in Mumbai. At the moment, they are being tested. So far, 26...
Eiffel Tower Opens For Public From Today

Eiffel Tower Opens For Public Yet Again Precautions To Be Taken

Governments started the process of lockdown in their countries after seeing the increasing cases of Corona around the world, after which the economy got...
Coronavirus Blood Group

Coronavirus Biggest Threat On These Type Of Blood Group

Coronavirus Blood Group: What is your blood type? Coronavirus is attacking the blood group. We are not afraid of you, this is the claim...