African Swine Fever Spreads In China After Corona, Millions Of Pigs Die

African Swine Fever

After The Corona Virus, There Is A Danger Of New Virus Spreading From China Once Again. African Swine Fever Is Re-Emerging In Asia At A Very Rapid Rate Here. The Virus Killed Millions Of Pigs In The Area And Caused A Severe Shortage Of Meat Protein.

African Swine Fever

Fresh Outbreaks Have Been Reported In China And Vietnam This Year And The Disease Has Also Reached The Shores Of Malaysia. While The New Cases Are Scattered And Isolated. Governments Have Been Asked To Pay Attention To The Fact That The Virus Is Alive And Well, And It Can Have Terrible Consequences If Not Kept Under Its Control.

African Fever Is Fatal To Pigs But Is Not Known To Harm Humans. However, With No Vaccine Available Yet, Authorities Are Relying On Strict Biosecurity Measures And The Capture Of Susceptible Animals To Prevent The Disease. African Swine Fever Has Been The Most Prevalent Since


Reported The Outbreak Here In 2018. More Cases Of The Virus Have Been Found In Places Such As Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan And Xinjiang. Hong Kong Also Reported The Case In A Form. China Procured Record Quantities Of Soybeans, Corn And Meat From Foreign Suppliers In 2020, Leading To An Increase In The Board’s Value.


According To The Ministry Of Agriculture, Vietnam Has Killed About 2,000 Pigs This Year Due To African Swine Fever, Still Under Control. Recent Outbreaks Have Been Reported In More Than 20 Areas Nationwide. The Country Hopes To Start Producing Its Vaccines Against The Disease By Late June Or Early July.


The First Outbreak Of African Swine Fever Was Seen In Malaysia Last Month. The Investigation Was Launched After The Wild Boar’s Death And Was Extended After Laboratory Samples Confirmed The Virus In Other Pigs.

In An Update On 7 March, The Sabah Government Said The Virus Had Spread To Other Districts, But Commercial Pig Farms That Supply Most Of The State’s Pork Products Remain Disease-Free.

South Korea

South Korea Has Not Reported The Outbreak Since October. Wild Boar Is The Main Source Of the Spread Of The Disease From The Northern Border Of The Country To Local Farms. According To The Ministry Of Agriculture, The Nation Has Reported New Cases In Other Parts Of Asia In Late February.