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America Deploys Three Warships in The Pacific Ocean Against China


The US has deployed three of its warships in the Pacific Ocean. China’s official newspaper Global Times has said on this that it threatens our troops in the South China Sea. Chinese Navy Expert Li Ge quoted as saying that by doing so, the US wants to show itself as the most powerful naval power to the entire world, including the Pacific region. They are so close that they can enter the South China Sea anytime.

According to the Chinese Navy Expert, the presence of American warships in the Pacific Ocean threatens Chinese troops stationed on Spratly and Paracel Islands. Ships passing through these islands may also be at risk. However, China will not back down from its interests in the region.

The US claims – not political reasons for the deployment of ships; America has refused to deploy its warships because of any political or global event. US Navy spokeswoman Commander Rien Momsen said the US Navy remains active in the Pacific every day. It is present to help its peers and associates in this field. For the past 75 years, American ships and ships have been regularly patrolling around the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Philippine Sea. This is one of our many ways to increase security and maintain peace in the Pacific.


There Has Been Tension Between The US and China

In the South China Sea, there have been many tensions between the US and China in the past few years. On April 6 this year, ships from China and America came face to face at a distance of 100 meters. In October 2018, a Chinese vessel reached 41 meters close to the American Warship. In June 2018, US planes had flown into the South China Sea, on which China objected. The South China Sea is a disputed maritime zone. China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan claim to be part of it. It is currently under Chinese occupation.

America Has Deployed Three Warships From Which Of Its Own

The US has currently deployed Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Nimitz Warship in the South China Sea. According to the US Navy, Reagan and Roosevelt are present in the western Pacific Ocean. Nimitz is on patrol in the East China Sea. All three warships weigh 1 lakh tons. These deployed on 60 combat aircraft. 2017 marks the first time in dispute with North Korea that the US has used so many of its ships to the region.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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