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Trump Called US President Biden, A Stupid Person and Said These


Former US President Donald Trump, famous for his claims and telling many big lies, is again in the headlines. He has said that the coming presidential election will destroy America. In an interview given to a TV show, Trump made many big statements regarding Biden, his policy, and American forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. He even called Biden a stupid person.

Elections were rigged with me: Trump.

Trump attacked Biden on his former secretary Sean Spicer’s show Spicer Newsmax, saying that America has gone down a lot in the last eight months. I never imagined such a situation in America. Our country will end in the next three years. During the elections held in the year 2022 and 2024, our country will become weak. Trump said that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against me.

Will Trump contest the election.

When Sean Spicer asked if you would like to run for re-election, Trump said, “No one can comment right now. But if I do, you will be pleased. I think the people of America love me, and they will be pleased.” He said that the country would once again move towards betterment if he decided to contest the elections. Earlier, Trump had been told that only after the performance of the Republicans during the election to be held in 2022 did he decide on his presidential candidacy.


Regarding Biden’s policy

Trump took a dig at Biden’s policy as well. He said that as soon as the troops left in Afghanistan, the Taliban came and sat down. Many countries have now expressed their concern about human rights there. Right now, the whole world is making fun of us. This is very shameful. He said Biden is an idiot. But people need not fear because we will make America great once again.

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