Donald Trump Said After 47 Thousand Deaths – America Was Attacked

US President Donald Trump held a press conference in Delhi

President Donald Trump, who is struggling to restore normalcy in the US, has left stunned after more than 47,000 deaths due to the coronavirus. He said that the country had “attacked.” Trump told reporters at his daily White House press conference on Wednesday — we attacked. It was not just the flu. By the way, nobody saw anything like this, 1917 was the last time it happened.

President Donald Trump Said These

Responding to a question about the rising US national debt as a result of trillions of dollars of stimulus packages, Donald Trump said his administration was helping distressed people and businesses, which are directly affected by the epidemic. We have no choice. Do we have a Choice? I am always worried about everything. We have to fix this problem. He said- We were the largest economy in the history of the world. Better than China, better than anywhere.

We made it in the last three years and then one day, they came, and they said that you have to shut it down. Now, we are going to reopen it, and we are just going to get stronger. But you have to spend some money to get the market back. They said- we saved our airlines. We collected many companies, are the best companies, two months ago was the best year ever. Now suddenly, they are entirely out of the market.

Donald Trump said the number of new positive cases of corona infection is decreasing nationwide. The places that had recently emerged as hot spots are also gaining stability. They are going in the right direction. Cases are now declining in the Boston area. The curve of the Corona infection in Chicago is looking flattened, with Detroit surpassing its maximum number of cases.

Trump said that the administration has so far directed more than the US $7 billion in federal funding to support the development of treatment, detection of infection, and therapy. He said that I would not rest until prosperity returns ultimately.