American Study Blood Group ‘O’ Less Likely To Contract Coronavirus

Coronavirus Blood Group

No person is safe from the coronavirus. This virus is catching people of all ages. From a newborn to a perfectly healthy person, everyone is at risk of infection. Meanwhile, a recent study by US-based biotechnology company 23andMe has revealed that people with blood group-O are less likely to get infected due to corona. Although research is still going on.

Blood Group Study

23andMe is a biotech firm dealing with genetic analysis and testing. On 6 April 2020, the firm began to study the relationship of genes with corona infection. More than 7.5 lakh people were included in this study. By the end of May, an additional 10,000 people were included in the study, which had severe symptoms of the corona.

In the study, scientists tested blood samples and gene design of these 7.5 lakh people. It was divided into three groups. One – who gave information about the infection itself, second – people who are hospitalized, third – those who get infected after the known risk.

What Was The Result Of The Study?

According to the report by Fast post, preliminary results of the study showed that people with O blood group were the least likely to be infected. Corona infection among individuals with O blood group was 9 to 18 percent less than those in other blood groups. Results on keeping people on the basis of age, sex, body mass index, ethnicity were the same.

The study also found that people in the O group were directly at risk of infection. Such as health workers and other front-line workers, were 13–26 percent less likely to have the infection than those in other blood groups. However, people with blood type AB were the most likely to get corona test positive. After this, people of blood group-B and then blood group-A were most likely to be seen.