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What Will Happen On April 29, 2020? NASA Gave This Update Of Asteroid

April 29, 2020, The news of an Asteroid Asteroid hitting the Earth on April 29 is seen, heard, read a lot these days. Videos and messages are also going viral on social media that, on April 29, Asteroid Asteroid will hit the Earth and cause havoc. Recently, we have told about it in detail. ( See link below) Now NASA has got a new update on this. NASA has said that the time is coming for the massive asteroid to pass near the Earth. It will be in late April. The update is that it can be Potentially Hazardous ie, potentially dangerous. However, there is still no need to panic. Even if it happens, humans will always be safe.

What NASA Said About On April 29, 2020

On March 4, USA, the US Space Research Agency NASA NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) officially announced that it would pass near Asteroid Asteroid Earth at 5.45 am local time on April 29. It also stated that this asteroid named 1998 OR2 could be potentially dangerous because it is vast in itself. Such an asteroid has never been seen before and is probably the most massive asteroid passing through the Earth.

The Asteroid Will Hit The Earth On April 29, What Is The Truth Of The News Going On Social Media.

NASA Said These On Asteroid

NASA – One Mile Wide, 4 KM Huge

This asteroid is huge. It is at least one mile wide or 1.8 km in size and is as vast as 4.1 km based on the Earth’s sky counts. NASA Asteroid Watch reiterated that although this steroid can cause a potentially dangerous effect on Earth, it is very likely that it will have a direct impact on Earth or Earth.

Still Far Away From The Earth – NASA

This asteroid named OR2 is still far away from Earth. When April 29 comes, it will pass through the Earth with a safe distance. According to NASA, the range it will give is more than 16 times the average distance between the Earth and the Moon. So there would be no possibility that it would collide with us.

Assured Security

NASA has confirmed that the Earth will be completely safe, despite it called a dangerous possibility. In the past, too many such asteroids have passed through the Earth. This 1998 OR2 Asteroid Asteroid is also one of them. Till now, all the asteroids that have passed through the Earth had no chance of collision.

Discovered 200 Years Ago

EarthSky reported that the 1998 OR2 is nothing to worry about. This asteroid discovered 200 years ago. Once it passes through the Earth, astronomers at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico will use this opportunity to research space and get more information in this regard. If you want to participate with researchers, you can do so using your telescope and view it from your home. NASA.

Astronomy Enthusiasts Can See This Phenomenon

Now that it is clear that no damage is likely to occur after the 1998 OR2 Asteroid passes through the Earth, you can enjoy it by tracking this event in the sky. Since it is so far away from Earth, it would be difficult to see it without any scientific equipment. But if you have a good telescope at home, it will work. But if you do not have a telescope, let us know that the Virtual Telescope Project in Rome will host a display of all updates regarding the Asteroid Asteroid (asteroid) on April 28 at 2 pm EDT (1800 GMT).

NASA Asteroid Hit

NASA Wrote On Twitter

NASA wrote on Twitter, “The orbit is well understood, and it will pass 16 times harmlessly from our moon.” “Nobody should have any concerns about it.”

Asteroid News

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