Australia Army To Help People Struggling With Fire In Australia

Australia also deployed 3,000 army personnel on Monday to help firefighters battling the forest fire. Incidents of fire in the country’s forests are not new, but this time its area is very large. In its grip, 25 people have died and more than 1300 houses have been completely destroyed. Not only this, but vegetation has also been destroyed in the 63 lakh hectare area.

Australia Fire

For the first time in the history of the country. The reserve soldiers of the three wings of the army have called for relief and rescue operations. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said bridges, roads and other important infrastructure have to be rebuilt. We will carry out this work together. Army personnel will assist the state governments of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. They will also ensure the safe evacuation of people from the affected areas.

Relief From The Rain In Some Areas

People have got relief from the rain in some areas affected by the fire. However, due to the sudden rains, firefighters are facing difficulties in carrying out their strategic preparations. The temperature expects to rise again by the end of this week.

Cyclone Havoc In Broome City

The cyclone off the northwest coast of Australia caused winds to blow at 125 km per hour in the city of Broome. The Meteorological Department asks people to careful with this cyclone named Blake. The cyclone expects to receive not only heavy rains but a flood warning has an issue in the coastal areas of West Kimberley and East Pilbara. The special thing is that this cyclone not expect to affect the fire in the forests in a large part of the country.

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