Australia Evacuates Parts Of Its Capital As Bushfire Conditions Return

Australia Bushfire Returns

Parts of the city have been evacuated following a fire in the forests near the airport in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Traffic on the roads has come to a standstill. Authorities have asked people to evacuate the area or stay away from the suburbs under fire. The firefighters had some success in controlling the fire in the forests due to the recent rains and a decrease in temperature in the country. However, the situation again spiraled out of control on Wednesday due to strong winds and rising temperatures.

Photographs posted on social media show a gust of smoke above the capital’s suburbs. In recent times Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne have topped the cities with the worst air quality in the world. So far 29 people have died in the grip of fire since last September. 2500 houses have completely destroyed.

Effects Of Australia Fire Shown On Economic Survey

The effect of the Australia forest fire also appeared in the Economic Survey on Wednesday. It has said to curb expenditure. The pressure is clearly visible on the 14th major economy of the world, worth Rs 133 lakh crore due to natural disasters. The survey estimated a decrease in GDP by 0.25 points between the December to March quarter.

338 Feet Long Pizza Built To Help

Firemen are trying their best to extinguish the fire in the Australian forests. The Italian restaurant has come forward to help them. The restaurant has a 338-foot-length pizza. It took a total of 4 hours to make it. Whatever funds will raise through this will assign to these firemen. It is the longest pizza in Australia.

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