Australia Fire: Fire in Australia Forests, 4000 People Stranded

Australia Fire: The fire has become very serious in Australia’s forests. The locals came here for a holiday and the locals are caught in this terrible fire. Nearly four thousand people are stranded in the sea-side city of Mallakuta. Due to the fire, there is constant smoke and officials are facing many difficulties in carrying out rescue work. There are ’ember attacks’ due to fire and strong winds.

Australia Fire

Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp told public broadcaster ABC, “Looking at the fire that is constantly spreading, it seems to be affecting Mallakuta. Around 4000 people are strand here. The fire brigade has sent here for rescue work. We have planned to form three teams to get people out of there safely.

Temperature Above 40 ° C

Earlier, in view of the worsening situation on Monday, emergency warnings issue in four states of the country. Apart from tourists from these areas, fire squads engage in extinguishing the fire have also asked to return. Thirty thousand people have asked to leave the area from East Gippsland in Victoria province due to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Thousands Of Houses Turned To Ashes

In Australia, nine people have lost their lives so far and thousands of houses have turned into ashes. In view of the hot and strong wind, the scope of the forest fire expects to increase further. The city of Sydney is full of smoke from the fire in the forests of the province of New South Wales. The fireworks celebration has postponed in the capital Canberra in view of the situation arising out of the fire.

Australia Fire Fear Dead

At the same time, thousands of koalas are fear dead due to the fire in the forest in the eastern part of Australia. The little bear living on the koala tree is a cute brown mammal. It found only in the forests of Australia. Voices have raised from around the world to save koalas.

Koala is Australia Most Loved Organism

There were about 28 thousand koalas in the coastal area near the New South Wales area of ​​Australia. But in recent months, due to the fire in the forests there, their number expects to reduce considerably. The koala is one of Australia’s most loved creatures, but in recent years their numbers have declined due to forest pruning and natural disasters.

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