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Balenciaga Destroyed Sneakers Price Will Blow Your Sleep At Night


Luxury brand and fashion company Balenciaga has created such a shoe, due to which people have started trolling the company on social media. The company has released the ‘Paris Sneaker’ collection. The shoes included in the ‘Paris Sneaker’ group look very worn and torn.

At the same time, the company has released 100 pairs of worn, torn looking shoes in the limited edition collection. The price of these shoes is โ‚น 48,279 (US$ 625). Some people have written that after seeing the shoes one time, it has been removed from some garbage heap.

The company told why Balenciaga made these shoes.

Balenciaga has told the purpose behind making the shoes. According to the company, these shoes have a classic design, reflecting medieval athleticism. These shoes are available in black, white and red colours. They have white rubber on their sole and front part. On seeing these shoes, it also seems that someone has been wearing them before.


Shoes are made fun of on the Internet.

As soon as these shoes were released for sale online, the minds of internet users on social media were also baffled. Many users said that Balenciaga had trolled people by removing these new shoes.

At the same time, some users have even said that they are worse than the shoes of homeless people. At the same time, some users noted that Balenciaga had taken the shoes and thrown them in the fire.


At present, the company’s shoes are present in the European markets. While these shoes will be available in the Middle East and US stores from May 16 in Japan, they will be available on May 23. People from all over the world can buy it from international online stores.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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