British Scientists Claim – Coronavirus Vaccine Will Come By September

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Coronavirus Vaccine: Coronavirus disease has become an epidemic for the world. More than 2.2 million people are infected by this disease in the world. While more than one and a half lakh people have died. Researches are being done in many countries to find a cure for this disease. In the list of most affected countries, Britain also included in the list of countries where scientists are researching to find the treatment of Corona.

Now Sarah Gilbert, Professor of the Department of Vaccinology at the University of Oxford, UK, has claimed to have made the coronavirus vaccine. Talking to reporters on Friday, Gilbert alleged that the vaccine had arrived by September. Saying that we were working on a disease that took the form of an epidemic, which named X. For this, we needed to plan and work.

Coronavirus Vaccine

He said that 12 tests had done with the ChAdOx1 technology. We have got better results about immunity from one dose, whereas two or more treatments required by RNA and DNA technology. Professor Gilbert informed about the commencement of its clinical trial. And expressed confidence that it will make one million doses available by September this year.

The team at Oxford is so full of confidence about this Coronavirus Vaccine that they have started manufacturing even before clinical trials. In this regard, Professor Adrian Hill said that the team is full of confidence. They do not want to wait until September when the clinical trial will complete. He said that we have started manufacturing the vaccine on a large scale with risk. Manufacturing don with a total of 7 manufacturers in different parts of the world.

Professor Hill said that out of the seven manufacturers. Three are from Britain, two from Europe, one from China and one from India. He hoped that one million doses of this Coronavirus Vaccine would be available by the end of September or the maximum year this year. He said that the three-phase trial has started with 510 volunteers. Five thousand volunteers expected to add by the third phase.

Received A Grant Of £2.2 Million

Significantly, Professor Gilbert’s team engaged in the discovery of this Coronavirus Vaccine has given a grant of £ 2.2 million by the UK’s National Institute for Health Research and The UK Research and Innovation. Please tell that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also hit by Corona. More than 14000 people in the country have lost their lives due to Corona.