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Wrong Injection Spoiled Chandra Morton Face; Lips Disappear!


Chandra Morton: What do people do to add beauty to their beauty? Some women achieve this position by keeping themselves fit naturally, but some resort to cosmetics or surgery. They get their body structure repaired through surgery or filler injection.

With the help of these surgeries, women make themselves beautiful to a great extent. But sometimes its result is very dire. Instead of looking stunning in beauty, the face deteriorates so much that those who undergo surgery start regretting their decision. Something similar happened with a girl from America. To enhance the beauty of the lips, the surgery made her bad.

Who is Chandra Morton?

26-year-old waitress Chandra Morton is a resident of Johnson City, Tennessee. Something similar happened with Morton when she decided to get lip fillers to make her lips more beautiful. Before this, Morton consulted a doctor. When she was sure that there would be no side effects of this surgery, she could not stop herself. This surgery of his lips was also done in a short time. But whatever happened after that was like a nightmare for Morton. His lips almost disappeared as the surgery deteriorated.


The filler procedure that Morton had done for his lips went wrong. Instead of applying filler injections to the lips, it was used on his face in the hospital. As a result, his condition worsened. Morton was sent home by doctors by injection. But a few hours later, her face and lips started experiencing unbearable pain, causing Morton to sob. When he looked at himself in the mirror, his face was swollen, and his lips became very thin.

Morton’s lips and face were almost the same colour. Due to this panic, he immediately consulted his doctor. Then showed his condition through video call. After seeing this, the doctors were also very nervous. Doctors said they had seen such an incident for the first time in this procedure. This effect on Morton resulted from the wrong injection and wrong dosage.

However, Morton thanked the doctor, who soon got him rid of this problem even after all this. Seeing Morton’s condition, the doctors immediately called him to the clinic. After this, by reducing the swelling of his face, his lips were saved from disappearing. Morton has appealed to the people not to tamper with the things given by nature. Otherwise, you will also regret it like me.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra is the CO-Editor at Spot News 18. He is very passionate about His Work and Loves to Write on Technology Topics.

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