China To Run Bullet Rrain To India Border By End of July

China brought bullet train near Arunachal

435 km of China The long bullet train will start running till the border of Arunachal Pradesh by July. China has completed preparations to run a bullet train to Lhasa, Tibet. The parade will pass through almost all the provinces of China.

Dragon has long been involved in strengthening infrastructure on almost every side of the Indian border. India also keeps a close watch on each of its activities. China started this project in 2014. From its beginning, the plan was to connect Nyingchi with Lhasa in eastern Tibet. Railway trek work is completed by the end of 2020.

China brought a bullet train near Arunachal.

The speciality of high-speed bullet trains is that they can be run with electricity and burning fuel. The train is about 160 km. Will run at an hourly pace. Dragon is rapidly expanding its network of railways across the country along with its border areas. Its plan is fifty thousand km by 2025. A new rail line has to be laid.

He has covered 37 thousand km by 2020. The work of laying the line has been completed. After completing all the work, the high-speed train in China will reach about 98 per cent of the cities. The high-speed train that Dragon has developed for itself is 160 to 350 km. It can be run at an hourly pace.

Plan to connect Tibet with South Asia

China will operate on the Sichuan-Tibet rail network after Chinghai-Tibet. It will have access to the Shanghai-Tibet plateau in the southeast, which is a geographically important region. According to Xinhua News, there are plans to make way from Tibet to South Asia in the 14th Five Year Plan of China, which is being launched this year.

Oli has expressed plans for a rail network to Nepal.

The Xinhua report does not say whether China plans to connect Tibet to Nepal through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Under the leadership of the current Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli, the present government of Nepal wants to strengthen the Trans Himalayan connectivity network. At the time of his visit to China, too, he proposed a plan to build a railway network from Tibet to Nepal. The Chinese government has also agreed to this.