Christmas Eve 2019: People Arrive At Santa House In Finland

Tonight at 12 o’clock, the Christmas boom will start in the country and the world. Christmas will be celebrated worldwide on Wednesday. Christmas is a big festival for the whole world including India. So its preparations are going on loud in the world. See how Christmas Eve 2019 preparations are going through the world through photos and videos.

According to the news agency Reuters, people gathered from around the world at the official residence of Saint Claus in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi, Finland just before Christmas. Just before Christmas, Santa Claus is believed to have left his house here with an empty sled (sleigh – snowless wheels, which the raiders pull) and drove to the North Pole to fill the gift.

Christmas Eve 2019 Wishes

Christmas Eve 2019

People from all over the world sent Santa Claus from his home to the sled. Look at the video below, how excited people look during this time. Before leaving home, Santa also gave a message to the people.

Santa Claus came on a camel on the occasion of Christmas in Jerusalem (Christmas in Jerusalem), according to news agency ROTORS. The excitement of the people reached a peak after seeing him. People started swinging happily. Santa gave Christmas gifts to the people here. People’s faces blossomed after finding Santa among them. Here Santa also took a lot of photos with the people.

In the US, loud Christmas preparations are going on. It can be seen in the video that US President Donald Trump’s wife and the First Lady of the US, Melania Trump, is busy making Christmas greeting cards with children. According to the news agency Reuters, the Melania Trump event was held at a military base. Here Melania Trump distributed Christmas gifts to children as part of her campaign ‘Be Best’. He also met the people present at the base and congratulated them on Christmas.

There is also a village in the Santa Claus of China in the city of Mohe, located at the northern end of China. Here Santa lives in a big and very beautiful house. Santa interviewed here in a video released by the Chinese news agency Xinhua. Each year, Santa sent from the Santa Clause Academy in Finland to the winter season of this snow-laden Santa Claus home in Finland.

Santa Interview

In the interview, Santa said that during his stay here. Most of his time spent talking to tourists and taking photographs with them. In the free time, he writes to the children by replying to the letters sent to them. This village of Santa Claus opens from October to March. Last year, more than one lakh sixty thousand (1,60,000) tourists visited this place to meet Santa. The video above shows this beautiful Santa house.

The state of Maine on the north-east end of the US is famous worldwide for its beautiful natural beauty. Apart from this, this place is famous for skiing in the flanks of Santa Claus. Just before Christmas, over 200 boys and girls arrived in Santa Claus costumes. They were transported to a high mountain covered with snow via ropeway. From there, this bunch of Santa came down skiing.

According to news agency AFP, on Tuesday, devotees from all over the world have reached the Bible city of Bethlehem to celebrate the Christmas festival. This city considered the birthplace of Lord Jesus.

Because of this, the city of Bethlehem has special recognition. Every year on the occasion of Christmas millions of tourists reach this holy city.

It is a big challenge for the security agencies when there is a lot of Christmas around the world and people are gathering everywhere. This is the reason why people celebrate Christmas with their families in public places. At the same time, the US military has to be more vigilant during this time for the security of the country. The photo shows the US military keeping a watch on suspected Santa Claus and gifts coming from North Korea with Christmas preparations in its surveillance cell. The tension between North Korea and the US not hidden from anyone.

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