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Ciaya Jordan Whetstone Traveled With Uber, Dead Body Found In Morning


Ciaya Jordan Whetstone: A case of death in a suspicious condition of a student of the University of Orleans present in America has come to light. This 21-year-old student last took a ride in Uber late at night. After this, his body was found in the hospital the next day.

Police say that the student was left behind in a private vehicle by someone in the hospital. In this case, Uber has also taken action and cancelled the access of the concerned driver from its platform. The big question is, how did this student die in such a situation? The needle of suspicion is moving towards the driver.

According to ‘The Sun’ report, 21-year-old Ciaya was a Jordan Whetstone University of Orleans student. She had gone to hang out with her friends on Friday. But the next day, the body was found in his hospital. So far, the investigation revealed that when he was brought to the hospital on Saturday, he had died.

Ciaya Jordan Whetstone
Ciaya Jordan Whetstone

Attended the last carnival parade

On Friday, he attended the carnival parade with his friends. Her friend Juliet said that she had left at around 8.30 pm after attending the parade in the night. According to her, she stayed in a bar with another group after this. After that, she went to her boyfriend.

The cabs were booked late at night.

But in the middle of the night, Ciaya Jordan Whetstone decided to visit her pet dog in the apartment in Gentilly. Juliet has claimed that Ciaya had gone to see her dog, during which time the Uber driver was present outside the house. At the same time, Ciaya’s roommate Recy White claimed that she had said that the driver was her friend. According to Resi, Ciaya was drunk. He also forbade her to go out again, but she disagreed.

A friend listened to the cab driver.

While another friend of Ciaya’s, Roberto Torres, said that they talked late at around one and a half in the night. She was in an Uber cab then. Torres claimed, said – I heard the driver telling Ciaya, do you like to party? After this, Ciaya Jordan Whetstone told Roberto she would call again, but the call did not come. Roberto said that I tried to call many times but could not talk.


What the police and Uber said

While the police said that Seiya Jordan Whetstone was found dead at a local hospital, on the other hand, Uber claimed that they had ended the driver’s access to their platform. He is working closely with the investigation team. However, Uber has not yet revealed the name of the driver.

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