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What is the Connection of the Picture Behind the Taliban to India?


Picture Behind the Taliban to India: The Taliban finally captured the whole of Afghanistan. He also entered the presidential residence of Kabul. Different journalists and media organisations have released some pictures, videos inside the Presidential Palace.

One thing that gets attention repeatedly in all these pictures and videos is a painting behind the Taliban. What is the secret of this painting? How is this painting related to your country? What is its relation to the history of Marathas? Let’s try to find out.

This painting has a glimpse of the history of Afghanistan, and it is directly related to the history of India. The Marathas fought the biggest battle in history with the emperor seen in this painting. The first thing that is becoming clear in this picture is that the Taliban fighters have come inside the presidential residence of Afghanistan; that is, now Afghanistan is ruled by the Taliban.


Picture Behind the Taliban to India

These Taliban have weapons in their hands. This is the only example of a terrorist organisation capturing the entire country. The emperor seen in this painting gave that wound to India, due to which India became a slave of the British. The emperor seen in this painting had succeeded in defeating the Marathas due to the mutual rift between the princes and princesses of India. The studies of Marathas passed away, the shock of that defeat did not go away. That wound hasn’t healed yet.

Coronation painting of Ahmad Shah Durrani

Coronation painting of Ahmad Shah Durrani (Abdali). 


When was this painting done? Where is it?

So far, it has been told that this painting is in the Presidential Palace of Kabul. This is the residence of the Afghan President. The Afghan people call the President’s home Arg. This presidential residence is spread in about 34 hectares. It was built in 1880. Even before this, there was a palace here. Picture Behind the Taliban to India.

But it was destroyed in a big battle. After this, this Presidential Palace is located in the posh area of ​​Kabul today. And since then till now the residence of different presidents has been built.

What is visible in this painting?

Some Sardars are visible in this painting. He has pelts in his waist. In hand are swords and other weapons. A man is bowing down in front of a fakir and praying. The fakir is sprinkling something like akshat on the head of a person who looks like a king. In the photo, mountains are stating the identity of Afghanistan. The people of the clan and the tribes are visible in the picture.


The person who is seen bowing before the fakir is none other than Ahmed Shah Durrani. In the history of India, it is known as Ahmed Shah Abdali. Ahmed Shah Abdali is considered the first ruler of Afghanistan. This painting is related to his coronation. This is the same Ahmed Shah Abdali against whom the Marathas fought the third battle of Panipat.

It has been challenging to bring a divided Afghanistan under one roof.

Afghanistan is a country made up of many tribes and tribes. To unite Afghanistan, divided into many different tribes, by a single king or central authority is a task like making an impossible possible. But Ahmed Shah had done that work. Then a meeting of different tribes was organised.

This meeting used to take decisions together on some critical issues. It was called ‘Loya Jirga’. The way panchayats are held in your villages, understand this system was similar. This Loya Jirga declared Ahmad Shah Abdali as its king in 1747.


This is the same Kandahar.

The city in which the coronation of Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali) took place in Kandahar. This is the same Kandahar where the Indian plane was hijacked. This is the same Kandahar where Emperor Aurangzeb also had to face defeat. If we go back to ancient times, this is the same Kandahar mentioned in Mahabharata as Gandhara, where Gandhari was the mother of 100 Kaurava brothers, including Duryodhana.

And then this is the same Kandahar where the Taliban was born. Ahmed Shah Durrani, who united Afghanistan for the first time in this Kandahar, was 25 years old when he was coronated. This is the same incident of coronation which is shown in this painting.

How is the painting of the robber in the presidential residence of Afghanistan?

Ahmed Shah Abdali is called a robber in the history of India. Ahmed Shah Abdali attacked India not once or twice but five times with the intention of plundering. Sometimes he looted Punjab, Kashmir and sometimes Delhi. When he came to India for the fifth time, he fought with the Marathas in the third battle of Panipat.


Had he not been a robber, he would not have come to India five times. Had he not been a robber, he would have come here like the Mughals and established his rule after victory. But he used to go again and again to attack, shed blood and return to Afghanistan after collecting loot.

But for Afghans, it was a pearl in pearls. Nadirshah gave him this title. Today’s Afghanistan is the gift of Ahmed Shah Abdali. It was Abdali who unified Afghanistan as a country. This is why the robber Ahmed Shah Abdali for Indians is great ‘Baba’ for Afghans. This is the reason why the painting of his coronation is on the Presidential residence of Afghanistan.

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