Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy After China, 368 Deaths In A Single Day

Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy

Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy: On the one hand, because of Coronavirus, there is fear in the whole world. On the other hand, the worst hit by any virus outside China is Italy. The number of dead there has increased to 1809, which is more than half of the number of people who lost their lives in China due to this virus. Therefore, the whole of Italy closed, and people forced to imprisoned in homes. After 368 deaths in a day, people have been scared because there were not so many deaths in one day due to the outbreak of the virus in China.

Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy

At the same time, the number of deaths worldwide has increased to more than 6,400 due to this war. On the other hand, the Vatican took the step of canceling the celebration of Easter week as northern Italian leaders warn that there was a shortage of beds and artificial respirators. The Vatican said – Pope Francis left Vatican City on Sunday on foot as he set out on a pilgrimage to pray in the Cathedral of Rome for the victims of the coronavirus epidemic. Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy.

The virus most spread in France and Spain, where all cafes, shops, and restaurants have closed. France had ordered all non-essential businesses to close. While Spain went a step further and banned people from going home except for work. Receiving medical care or buying food. There have also been cases of infection with the Coronavirus in Germany. Which will implement border control with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Denmark starting Monday? Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy.

The death toll in Europe rose to 2,000 on Sunday. The disease has now spread to all global regions, which has severely affected sports. And cultural as well as stock markets, businesses, and especially the airline business. Coronavirus cases have officially recorded in 152 countries worldwide. And one lakh 63 thousand 930 people infected due to this.