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US Agency Claims Coronavirus Can Also Spread With Shoes

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the emphasis still on washing hands and covering the mouth. But the US government agency has claimed in a study that shoes may also be prone to spreading infection.

US Agency Claims On Coronavirus

For this reason, health workers engaged in fighting corona have advised keeping their shoes clean. According to a study published in the journal of the US agency ‘Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC), researchers also sampled floors and air from the hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The study found that the coronavirus was present in the sole of the shoes of more than half of the health workers posted in the ICU. The report also revealed that there was a 100% positive rate on the floor of the hospital, while no patient went there. Only health workers went there.

Researchers wrote, ‘Sol of medical staff shoes can also be a carrier of coronavirus¬†infection. We recommend that they should rid their shoes of disease well before exiting. ‘

These Are How You Can Clean Shoes

Although experts have not given any precise way to clean the shoes, the Tik Tok Of video of a nurse viral can provide some information about it. This nurse saw cleaning her shoes overnight in bleach. Also, clothes and canvas shoes can wash in the washing machine.

Guidelines For Washing Clothes

The UK’s National Health Service has given guidelines to clean clothes thoroughly. According to him, clothes should wash at a high temperature of 140 degrees. During this time, better results can obtain by using bleach. Bleach is a better way to kill the Coronavirus.

Can Also Adopt This Method – Coronavirus

The soles of leather or other fabric shoes can also clean with ordinary dishwashing soap or handwash and water. But keep in mind that water can damage the leather. Therefore, make 70% alcohol by mixing it with water, and shoes can clean from it.

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