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Coronavirus Cases Exceed 7 Lakh in The US, 35 Thousand Died


In the US suffering an outbreak of Coronavirus, the cases of infection have crossed the 700,000 marks on Friday, while more than 35,000 people have died. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has provided this information.

Coronavirus Cases in The US

More than 14,000 people died in New York, which became the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic, and 200,000 people have found infected so far. In the neighboring city of New Jersey, more than 78,000 cases reported, and 3,800 people lost their lives.

President Donald Trump assured the citizens that America was very close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Trump told reporters on Friday that so far, the US has investigated more than 37.8 lakh people. Which is the highest number of investigations in any country?


He said, “In the most affected areas, such as New York and Louisiana. We screened more people than South Korea, Singapore, and every other country. America has a stronger, advanced, and accurate testing system than any country in the world.”

Trump said the death toll would have been higher had his administration not made extensive efforts to curb the Coronavirus. Against the initial estimate of one to two lakh deaths, he hoped that the death toll could be much lower and around 65,000.

He said, “What happened to our country is terrible. What happened to 184 countries around the world is terrible. It is a terrible thing, and there is no reason for it. It should never happen again.”


Trump said that the ultimate victory in this war would be possible only with the scientific talent of America. He said that the last few months had been the most challenging in the history of the country.

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