In China, Every Minute 143 Patients Died In 24 hours Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus Source

The Coronavirus has caused havoc in China. The death toll from this disease has increased to 1523. On Friday, 143 people died due to this disease in China.

Coronavirus Havoc In China

In Hubei province, which has been the hub of the Corona virus, the disease has caught 2420 new people. Officials of the National Health Commission of China said that 139 people died due to the disease in Hubei province on Friday. While 2 people died due to this virus in Henan.

In Beijing, a person died due to the disease, while a person has died in Chongqing. In this way, 143 people died on Friday only, while the total death toll has reached 1523.

More Than 1000 Patients Admitted To A New Hospital

The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia patients admitted to the newly constructed Hwoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China has reached one thousand. After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, China had built this hospital in a hurry.

On the afternoon of February 13, 7 patients of the first batch came out of the hospital, of which the oldest patient is 66 years old and the youngest is 33 years old. For the rehabilitation of patients. The hospital is making a special treatment plan for every patient, which includes psychological counseling, diet and other aspects of life care.

1716 People Treated For Disease Duccumbed

So far, the number of patients admitted to this hospital has reached one thousand. In which the condition of severely afflicted people remains stable. Chinese health officials said on Friday that 1,716 of their medical staff had fallen prey to novel coronavirus.

This number is 3.8 percent of the total confirmed cases of the virus in the country. News agency Xinhua quoted the National Health Commission as saying that six of these people have died due to the virus, which is 0.4 percent of the total deaths in the country.