America Has The Highest Number Of Coronavirus Death In A Single Day

Coronavirus Case In USA

The Coronavirus has caused the highest number of 884 deaths in a day in the US on Wednesday. With this, the total number of dead has crossed the figure of five thousand. By 02:35 am Thursday, the value of the dead had reached 5117. Earlier on Monday, more than 500 people died. The number of deaths in a day due to the virus is increasing day by day. The number of deaths due to the Coronavirus in the US is currently lower than in Italy and Spain but has exceeded China, where 3,316 deaths occurred.

Coronavirus Death In US

However, President Donald Trump has called for strict adherence to social guidelines in the next 30 days, so that the country can get back on track. The President also sought to address concerns about the testing and treatment of patients and the availability of medical supplies necessary for the safety of health workers. He said the US would be in “good shape” when the death rate would expect to peak in two weeks, especially about the availability of ventilators.

The United States has been trying to eliminate production shortages in the country by increasing production by American companies and purchasing abroad. There are complaints of shortages, especially in New York State and places like the city, New Jersey, Washington, etc.

3,000 Died In The Sept 11 Terrorist Attack

Let us tell you that the number of people killed in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, in the US did not exceed 3,000. The total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the US has reached one lakh 75 thousand 67. On Monday, there was an increase in the name of about 24,000 patients.

Coronavirus has the highest number of cases in the US, which is one-fifth of the total cases found in the world, ie, 20 percent. Also affected is New York State, where 67,000 cases have reported, and 1,342 deaths have reported. At the same time, there have been more than 914 deaths in New York City. New York has invited doctors and healthcare professionals from other parts of the country to help with the state of affairs.

President Trump tried to answer questions asked in his daily briefing, especially about the lack of ventilators. He said yes, I feel like we are going to be in perfect shape. On the other hand, the administration has responded to the supply shortage complaints by increasing the procurement of masks, gowns, and protective gear for healthcare providers, and ventilators, etc.