Coronavirus Death Toll in Wuhan Rises To 1,290 and 50,333 Cases

The new Coronavirus has once again entered the epicenter of the deadly virus in Wuhan. In China, the data has rereleased on cases of COVID-19. These have added 325 more to the number of infected cases, and the total figure has reached 50,333, while the number of deaths due to this is 1,290, and the total death toll so far has been 3,869. The official information of these figures has given on the Weibo social network.

Coronavirus Outbreak

It is noteworthy that on 11 March, the World Health Organization declared it an epidemic. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected by the Coronavirus outbreak has so far exceeded 21 million worldwide, and the number of deaths due to it has been over 144,000.

Two days ago, 46 ​​new cases of infection reported here. Of these, only ten examples are local. The rest are from abroad. According to China’s local newspaper Global Times, 3,869 people have died in Wuhan since COVID-19, and now the country has revised this list of figures. It has added new cases of 1290 deaths.

The lockdown lifted in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China last week. After this, the people here wrote a ‘courageous city’ on a building here, ‘decisive battle, decisive victory’ on one. The wet market in Wuhan has also opened after the lockdown, but the sale of wild animals is banned here. Chinese President Xi Jinping has given the surname to the city of Wuhan. However, the awe of the Coronavirus remains here as thousands of people left the city of Wuhan after the lockdown lifted.

After the lockdown lifted, the people here were happy with fear. People arrived for dinner at the restaurant outside. China largely controlled this epidemic.

It is worth mentioning that the novel Coronavirus introduced from this city towards the end of last year, which hit countries around the world within four months.

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