Coronavirus Continues To Wreak Havoc In China, 42,000 Still Infected

In China , the death toll from the deadly Coronavirus has crossed 1,000, and so far more than 42,000 cases have been reported. The National Health Commission said that 108 more people lost their lives on Monday and 2,478 new cases reported. According to the Commission, a total of 1,016 people have lost their lives so far and a total of 42,638 cases have been confirmed.

Coronavirus Death Troll

He said that out of 108 people killed on Saturday, 103 were from Hubei province, where the virus has killed the most people. Apart from this, one person has died in Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Anhui, and Henan. A total of 3,996 people have discharged from the hospital after the treatment of Coronavirus.

WHO Team Arrived In China

Said that 849 patients became seriously ill on Monday. 7,333 people are in critical condition and 21,675 people expected to be infected. Till Monday, 42 cases reported in Hong Kong, where one person has also been killed. 10 cases of Coronavirus have reported in Macau and 18 in Taiwan.

A team of international experts led by the World Health Organization (WHO) also arrived in China on Monday night. Corona The Chinese will help health officials deal with the outbreak of the virus. A coronavirus is a large group of viruses, but only six of them infect people. The common effects are colds, but ‘acute respiratory syndrome’ (SARS). It is a coronavirus that caused about 650 deaths in China and Hong Kong in 2002-03.

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