4000 Killed Worldwide Due To Coronavirus, WHO Feared Epidemic

Coronavirus Deadth Troll

The number of people who have died from the Coronavirus, who have been killed in the world by Wuhan city of China, has increased to 4000. After this, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that now there is a real danger of Coronavirus turning into an epidemic. At the same time, China, which has been suffering from the deadly coronavirus outbreak for the last three months, has claimed a decrease in new cases. Except for Wuhan, no new cases have come to light in the previous two days in the country. Eleven temporary hospitals for the treatment of patients in Wuhan have also closed.

South China, the worst affected by Corona, also reported a decrease in new cases. The Corona spread from Wuhan has now reached more than 100 countries. The number of infected people across the world has exceeded one million and ten thousand. WHO chief Tedros Adhonam Ghebreyes told reporters here that the real danger of the Coronavirus becoming an epidemic has now arisen.

Coronavirus Death Troll

However, he stressed, “This will be the first epidemic in history that can control… We are not at the mercy of the virus.” On the other hand, China’s National Health Commission in Beijing said on Monday that 40 new cases Have confirmed. Thirty-six of these found in Wuhan. While four cases found in Gansu province, all four have returned from Iran. The ruling Communist Party has warned that monitoring and prevention need to be maintained.

Two hundred forty-eight new cases found in South Korea on Sunday. These are the lowest figure in the last two weeks. “This rate of decline should continue,” said South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

100-Year-Old Victim Recovers From Corona

In China, a 100-year-old man has completely recovered from the Coronavirus. He admitted to the hospital in Hubei province on February 24. He already has Alzheimer’s with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Coronavirus in Iran and 43 Dead

Iran said on Monday that more than 43 people died of the Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. With these, the death toll has reached 237. However, 595 new cases have reported across the country. The number of infected people has crossed seven thousand.

Most Affected Country Of Coronavirus

Country – Infected – Death

China – 80,535 – 3119

The Korea – 7382 – 50

Iran – 7161 – 237

Italy – 7375 – 366

Japan – 1190 – 14

America – 538 – 22

France – 1209 – 19

Germany – 1112-2

Britain – 278 – 5