COVID19: Coronavirus Diseases Gets Official Name

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that the official name of the deadly coronavirus would be ‘Covid19‘. WHO Director-General Tedros Adnom gave this information to reporters in Geneva. He explained the name and said that ‘Co’ means ‘corona’, ‘V’ means ‘virus’ and ‘D’ means ‘disease’ (disease). So That How The Name COVID19 Is Formed.

WHO Meeting On A Virus

The WHO began a two-day meeting in Geneva on Tuesday regarding the coronavirus. Discussions are on in this meeting to accelerate the development of drugs, screening, and vaccines to combat the virus. WHO Director-General Tedros Adnom told more than 400 researchers at the meeting, “99 percent of the cases in China pose a serious threat not only to this country but to the rest of the world.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has cited the coronavirus spreading in China as a serious threat to the world. In China, the number of people who lost their lives due to this mysterious virus has crossed one thousand. So far, more than 42 thousand people have been found infected. The Chinese government has sacked two senior health officials in the Hubei province most affected by the coronavirus. The virus has spread to more than 20 countries in the world including Wuhan, the capital of the same province.


A Chinese expert says that cases of coronavirus are declining. But its effects are not expected to end before April. At the same time, the World Bank has said that it is not considering a proposal to give loans to China to fight this disease. China is able to fight the disease on its own resources. According to the National Health Commission of China. The number of people who died due to coronavirus has increased to 1,017. 2,478 new cases have reported. Taking the total number of infected people to 42,708.

Government broadcaster CCTV quoted the ruling Communist Party’s Hubei unit as saying that the head of the party’s health commission in the state, Zhang Jin and director Liu Yingji, was dismissed on Monday. There is increasing pressure on state officials for their inability to deal with the coronavirus. People expressed their displeasure on social media after the death of Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang. Who was the first to warn of the virus, on Thursday? Lee had warned of the virus in early January. But at the time the police considered his warning a rumor and threatened him with action. The government ordered an inquiry after the matter surfaced. COVID19.

A 35-Story Vacant Building In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a block of a 35-story building evacuated due to the coronavirus. More than 100 people lived in this block. When two people confirmed the virus. The entire block evacuated. These people are separated from second place. So far, 42 cases of coronavirus have reported in Chinese-controlled Hong Kong

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