CoronaVirus Havoc In 28 Countries Of The World, Know Where Infected?

CoronaVirus In World

In China, the death toll from the coronavirus is constantly increasing. So far 1775 people have died. While 99 new cases of corona have been confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise standing off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. In this way, a total of 454 Corona cases have been reported on a cruise so far. Those infected on the cruise include 3 Indians and 40 US citizens. Apart from this, Corona has spread in 28 countries of the world.

Corona’s havoc is not taking the name of the stoppage in China. On Sunday, 142 people died in China from CoronaVirus and the figure reached 1775. On the other hand, the infection of Corona is increasing among the people stranded on a cruise in Japan. News agency PTI quoted Japanese media as saying that Corona’s test positives were found among 99 more people on the cruise. So far, a total of 454 people have infected with Corona on this cruise.

Let us know that more than 3,700 passengers from a total of 50 countries are stranded on the Yokohama coast of Japan for more than 10 days from a total of 50 countries. Out of these, 1219 people have investigated for corona. Now the corona infection is increasing among those stranded on the cruise.

3 Indians On Japanese Cruise Infected

Some officials posted on the Diamond Princess cruise standing on the Yokohama coast of Japan have also infected. Please tell that a total of 3711 people are stranded on this cruise. Symptoms of coronavirus were first seen in a person who was riding on this cruise from Hong Kong. A total of 138 Indian nationals are present in the cruise. The Indian Embassy is in touch with the Japan Administration. Corona infection confirmed in three of the Indians aboard the cruise.

Infection Among 40 Americans Aboard A Cruise

Corona infection confirmed in 40 Americans on a Diamond Princess cruise. According to PTI, the US has started the exercise to bring 400 Americans aboard this cruise back to their country. But it reported that 40 Americans infected will not airlift and brought to America. They will admit to a hospital in Japan and treated. In this way, more than 200 cases of Corona have been reported on the cruise.

On Sunday, 142 people died in China from Corona and the figure reached 1775. Most of these deaths have occurred in Wuhan city of Hubei province, while 2009 new confirmed cases have been reported. So far, 70,000 confirmed cases of corona have reported in China. While out of these 2009, 1,843 is the number of confirmed cases in Wuhan alone. So far, only 56,249 people have infected with a corona in the Hubei province of China. Corona continues to wreak havoc in 28 countries of the world.

Countries Infected With Coronavirus

  1. India – 3
  2. Singapore – 75
  3. Japan – 59
  4. Hong Kong – 57
  5. Thailand- 34
  6. South Korea – 30
  7. Malaysia – 22
  8. Taiwan – 20 (1 death also)
  9. Vietnam – 16
  10. Australia – 15
  11. Macau – 10
  12. Philippines – 3 (1 killed)
  13. Nepal – 1
  14. Sri Lanka – 1
  15. Cambodia – 1
  16. America – 15
  17. Canada – 8
  18. Germany – 16
  19. France – 12 (1 death)
  20. Britain – 9
  21. Italy – 3
  22. Russia – 2
  23. Spain-2
  24. Finland – 1
  25. Sweden – 1
  26. Belgium – 1
  27. UAE-9
  28. Egypt-1