Two Confirmed Cases Found Of Coronavirus In Pakistan

Coronavirus In Pakistan

Coronavirus In Pakistan: Coronavirus has caused a furor in China. This deadly virus has reached more than 30 countries so far. Now a name has added to this list. Now, two patients of Coronavirus have also appeared in Pakistan. The Pak government has confirmed the finding of two patients of Coronavirus. In matters related to health, Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, has given this information in a tweet on Wednesday evening.

Coronavirus In Pakistan

He said, ‘I can confirm two cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan. Both patients are stable, and both treated according to the set standards. He also said that there is no need to panic. Conditions are under control.

Both Patients Returned From Iran

Mirza also took a press conference late night after confirming on Twitter of patients with Coronavirus in Pakistan. During this, he told that one case has reported in Sindh while the other case has found in the central area. It also said that both patients have returned from Iran between the last two weeks. However, apart from this, he refused to talk on both these matters.

In response to a question, Mirza said that 15 suspected patients of Coronavirus have also found who has kept under medical supervision. So far, more than 100 test negatives have arrived.

Advice Not To Panic With Coronavirus

In the wake of two coronavirus patients in Pakistan. The government has also appealed not to panic as people do not create panic. Mirza said that there is no need for any kind of fear or worry at the moment. Conditions are entirely under control. People should show responsibility, along with caution. He said that whoever shows symptoms of Coronavirus should go to the hospital immediately.

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