Coronavirus: White House Staff Vice President Mike Pence Found Positive

Coronavirus In White House

The Coronavirus has knocked one of the safest places in the world to the office of the US President at the White House. An official Coronavirus positive has found here. According to news agency PTI, an official appointed along with US Vice President Mike Paynes has found to Coronavirus positive.

Coronavirus In White House

There is a stir after this revelation. Now it is being investigated with whom this person came in contact with the White House. However, information has received that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Paynes have not in connection with this person for the past few days.

Who Did The Person Come Into Contact With

Vice President’s press secretary Katy Miller said this evening we were told that an office of Vice President Mike Paynes had been found Coronavirus positive. He said that now according to the guidelines of the Health Department. It is being ascertained with whom the person came in contact. Let us know that 230 people have died due to this disease in America.

Strict Guidelines For Entering The White House

White Hais has issued strict guidelines for entering this campus. The President’s team of doctors and agents of the Secret Service check the temperature of every person who registers the White House.

The seating arrangement has also changed in the White House press briefing room so that a reasonable distance can be maintained.

10000 People Coronavirus Positive in 50 Hours

According to PTI, 230 people have died due to Coronavirus in the US till Friday evening. While the number of patients infected with corona has increased to 18000. If you look at the data from America, then 10,000 people have been found positive in 50 hours.

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